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The Happy Prince Activity 4, 5 Solved

The Happy Prince (Class 8)

Part -2

Word Meaning

Motion- ভঙ্গিমা/ গতিবেগ

Tossing- কাঁপতে থাকা

Strange- অদ্ভূত

Luxor- মিশরের এক শহর

Attic- চিলেকোঠা

Theatre- নাটক

Sapphire- নীলকান্তমণি

Playwright- নাট্যকার

Revealed- উন্মুক্ত

Quietly – নীরবে

Overjoyed- উৎফুল্ল

Audience- দর্শক

Activity 4

Write True and False and Give supporting sentences

(i)The Swallow didn’t want to help the Happy Prince. F

S.S- I do not say no to people. I will help you.

(ii)The happy Prince wanted to leave for Egypt. F

S.S – Swallow: I will leave for Egypt tomorrow.

(iii)The happy Prince asked the Swallow to take a sapphire to one of his to the playwright. T

S.S- Little Swallow take one of my sapphire eyes and give it to him.

(iv)The girl in the Town square had no shoes. T

S.S – I see a poor little girl in the Town Square . She has no shoes.

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Activity 5

Answer the following question

(i)Why did the swallow agree to help The Happy Prince?

Ans- The Swallow felt sorry for The Happy Prince and he could not say no to him and he agreed to help the Prince.

(ii)Why did the Swallow feel warm?

Ans- The Swallow helped a needy people and the good deed made himself warm.

(iii)What made the playwright say “Now I can finish my play” ?

Ans- The Happy Prince told the Swallow to give the poor playwright a sapphire from his eyes. When the playwright discovered the Sapphire he realized now he could finish his work and poverty would not stop him.

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