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Model Activity Task 2021 July| Class 7| English( Part 4)

Model Activity Task 2021 July

Class VII


Activity 1

Answer the following questions

(i)How old is the earth?

Ans: The earth is millions and millions of years old.

(ii) Describe the earth before man existed?

Ans: Before man existed on earth there were only animals roaming around.

(iii)Why was there no life on earth?

Ans: Once the earth was too hot for any living being to live on it.

Activity 2

Select the correct homophone from the brackets and fill in the blanks.

(i)Akbar, the great Mughal emperor reigned for forty-nine years. (reined/reigned)

(ii)Anamika loves to have curd .( curd/card)

(iii) Sania is too weak to move out of doors. (week/weak)

(iv) Do you like to watch the TV serials? (cereals/serials)

(v) The maid of our neighbourhood has made  this beautiful vase. ( made/maid)

Activity 3

Write a paragraph (in about 70 words) about your best friend. You may use thee following points.


Points: Name of your best friend—why is he/she your best friend—his/her likes/dislikes—how do you help each other—conclusion

I am Barsha and my best friend is Bubly. We live in same colony and always play together. When we were very young, we used to sit under the banyan tree and share our toys. We like to play, draw and share our secrets. I am very shy, but she is very bold and she supports me always. That quality of hers attracts me. I really love to spend time with her.

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