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The Vagabond Activity 5,6,7 Solved

The vagabond

Activity 5

 Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B

Love A feeling of care and understanding
Heaven A place where a soul find peace and his God
Nigh That which is near
Lave A stream or a rivulet
Frosty Covered with thin ice
Friend A person who stands by at all times


Activity 6

Fill in the blanks with antonyms of the words given in the bracket

(i)There is a cold  (warm) breeze flowing from the sea.

(ii)His coat is black (white) in colour.

(iii)After Spring comes Summer (Winter)

(iv)From the mountain top, I could see the river flowing  below. (above)

(v)I do no want to be late  (early) for the meeting.

Activity 7

Make as many new words as you can from the poem by adding Suffixes one is done for you

(a)-y: wealthy, frosty, wintery, bushy

(b)- less: Lifeless, loveless, faceless, hopeless, roadless, treeless, fingerless,

(c)-full: lifeful , bedful , hopeful

(d)-ly: heavenly, winterly , lovely, friendly

(e)-th: wealth

(f)-side: roadside, riverside

(g)-er: sooner, seeker,

(h)-r: later, lover,



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