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Story Writing ( Loyal Horse)

Develop the following outline into an interesting story. Give a title to your story.

Points :[A farmer on a horseback—stormy night—suddenly the horse refuses to move forward—whipping the horse mercilessly— the horse till refuses—in the morning, farmer finds the bridge collapsed Infront of him – regrets ]

A Loyal Horse

Once upon a time a farmer was going to town on his horseback for an important job. It was a stormy night, dark clouds had covered the moon. The horse was rushing very fast as the farmer was in hurry. But the horse stopped suddenly and refused to move forward. The farmer whipped the horse mercilessly and shouted, “ Run you, stupid horse ,run” But the horse refused to move forward. After trying sometimes the farmer was annoyed and realized that he had to wait till morning. In the morning the farmer found out that there was a collapsed bridge in front of the road. He realized that the horse actually saved his life, if he stepped on the bridge in the dark he would had died. He regretted for whipping the horse mercilessly.

Moral: Animals are loyal creatures


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Story Of Loyal Horse




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