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WBHA Seen Model Question Paper 10


1.A. Write the corrected alternative
(i)The narrator and her family moved to the mainland during –c) winter
(ii) People considered the narrator and her family to be — (d) lonely
(iii) The narrator and Claude used to quarrel with—(c) mainland children
(iv) The keeper of the Big Half Moon lighthouse is—(d) father
(v) Everybody on the mainland had—(c) relatives
B. Complete the following sentences
(i) No sooner does the spring come the narrator and his family sail to their Big Half Moon Island
(ii) The Narrator and Claude never quarreled
(iii) It is difficult to run pirate caves and things like that with only to of them
C. Answer the following questions
(i)What did narrator and Claude ask their father?
Ans. The narrator and Claude asked their father if they had any uncle or aunt or some cousins.
(ii)What used to be funny to the narrator and Claude?
Ans. The people of the mainland pitied the narrator and Claude for their lonesome life on the island.
That seemed funny to them.
2.A. Write the correct alternative
(i)Unlike the mountain the squirrel can—crack a nut
(ii)Here the former refers to—mountain
(iii)The thing that differ from each other is – talent
(iv)The squirrel has no doubt that the mountain is – big
B. Answer the following questions
(i)Name two qualities that a squirrel has?
Ans. The squirrel is full of life. It can crack a nut very easily.
(ii)What does not the squirrel deny?
Ans. The squirrel does not deny that the mountain has made a very pretty track for the squirrel.

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