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WBHA Eng Model Set 10 Unseen Solved


3.A. Choose the correct answer
(i)The number of children died was—four
(ii)The accident occurred on –Saturday
(iii)A magisterial enquiry was ordered by—The chief Minister
(iv)The driver of the vehicle –fled
(v)The youngest victim of the accident was—three years old
vi()The model of the vehicles belong to—1990’s
Write true and false. Provide supporting sentence
(i)There were thirteen children in the school van. F
S.S. they said, adding twelve children were in the van at the time of mishap.
(ii)Eight children were saved by the people working in the field. T
S.S. while eight children were rescued from the burning van by people working in the nearby field.
(iii)The children were going to school in the van. F
S.S The children were returning home from school
C.Answer the following questions
(i)Where did the accident happen ?
Ans. The tragic incident happened in Sangrur district of Punjab.
(ii)How did the children die?
Ans. The children were charred to death when their illegally run school van caught fire.
(iii)What was announced as ex-gratia?
Ans. The chief minister announced an ex- gratia of Rs. Five lakh to each of the victim’s family
(iv)From where was the extract taken?
Ans. The extract was taken from a report of The Statesman on 16th February ,2020

To download WBHA English model Question set 10 unseen text click the link

Model Question Set 10 Unseen text

To download WBHA English model Question set 10 unseen solve click the link

Model Question set 10 Unseen Solved



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