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WBHA Model Question set 12 Seen (Solved)

Model Question set 12 Seen

1.A.Write the correct alternatives

(i)People on the train sang—b) devotional song

(ii)Crowd at every station were filled with—c) sorrow

(iii)The ashes of Gandhiji were immersed in the—d) river

(iv)After immersion the writer return to—d) Delhi

(v)“ But still I felt at sea”—Here at ‘sea’ means—a) confused

B.Complete the following sentences

(i)A huge crowd had gathered at the bank while the ashes of Gandhiji were immersed in the Ganges

(ii)The onlookers were the writer,her sister and other young people like trhem.

(iii)The magic circle left the writer unprotected so the author got puzzeled

Fill in the chart with information from the text

  cause   Effect
(i) A special train took Gandhiji’s ashes to Allahabad (a) The compartment was decked with flowers
(ii) People could feel Gandhiji’s presence amid the flowers and songs (b) They did not weep anymore


2. A.Write the correct alternatives

(i)The squirrel admits frankly that the mountain is—c) enormous

(ii)The squirrels assumes that there is no disgrace being – a) squirrel himself

(iii)A pretty track for the squirrel is made by the—c) mountain

(iv)Squirrel opines that everything is put—d) wisely

B.Answer the following question

(i)What does the squirrel think about occupying his place?

Ans- The squirrel thinks that there is no disgrace to occupy his place as a squirrel.

(ii)What does not the squirrel deny?

Ans- The squirrel does not deny that the mountain had made a very pretty track for squirrel.

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Model Question set 12 Seen



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