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Model Question set 12 Unseen (SOLVED)

Model Question set 12


1.A.Write the correct alternatives

(i) Dabbie is—b) a disaster

(ii) The cyclone disconnected the supply of—b) electricity

(iii) Name of the Deputy Police Commissioner is—d) Stephan Gollchewski (

iv)The Prime Minister of Australia alerted the – b) emergency crews

(v)Number of person who died due to cyclone is—c) one

(vi) The tourist spot referred to here is – a) Whitsundays

Write true or false and provide supporting sentence

(i)Debbie brought wind gusting to 155 km per hour. F

S.S- Debbie brought wind gusting to 155 km per hour

(ii)Andrew Willcox warned the people in Debbie’s path. F

S.S- Gollchewski …… warned people in Debbie’s path

(iii)The cyclone was not impacting only across the island. T

S.S -The cyclone is impacting across the whole region not just the island

C.Answer the following question

(i)What did the Debbie do?

Ans- Dabbie the powerful cyclone lashed islands, damaged roofs and cut  power  in  Australia’s typical north-east coast

(ii)How did the Deputy Police Commissioner warn the people?

Ans-. The Deputy Police Commissioner warned people in Debbie’s path that they would be held up for the entire day on Tuesday and could expect significant flooding in inland areas

(iii)“Conditioned have deteriorated rapidly “Who said this? Where did he said these?

Ans-The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull said this

He said these in the Parliament.

(iv) How many requests for help did the authorities received? Did the authorities take any action?

Ans- The authorities have received 98 requests for

They had responded to most of them.

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Model Question set 12 Unseen



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