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Model Activity Task 2021 July| Class VIII |English Part 4|

Model Activity Task 2021 July

Class VIII

English Part 4

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions

One quiet afternoon, he lay fast asleep and fell to dreaming again. Unknown to him, the ship stood offshore from his old farm. In Jon’s dream the seasons turned rapidly and as each turned, so did Jon in his bed. Consequently, the cap on his head twisted round and about. It called up a squall from the clear sky that hit the ship without a warning.

The wind had been whirling about the boat tearing the sails and snapping the spars. “It’s’ his fault” the sailors cried. They shouted in anger and fear and tried to rid the cap off his head.

Well, they were unsuccessful, for it was a fairy cap.


Answer the following questions

i)What happened as Jon lay fast asleep?

Ans- As Jon lay fast asleep, he started to dream again.

ii)How did the squall arise suddenly?

Ans- In Jon’s dream the seasons turned rapidly and so he was also turning in his bed, as a result the cap on Jon’s head twisted round and called up a squall.

iii)Describe the condition of the ship in the squall?

Ans- The squall teared the sails of the ship and snapped the spars. The boat had been whirling in the storm.

iv)What did the sailors do to stop the squall?

Ans- The sailors suspected that it was Jon’s fault and to stop the squall they tried to rid the magic cap off his head.


Rewrite the following sentences using Future Perfect Tense. One is done for you.

Statement: You will be enjoying the tour.

Ans: You will have enjoyed the tour.

I)By this time next year Diya will be attending her university classes.

Ans- By this time next year Diya will have attended her university classes.

ii)I shall be finishing my lesson by then.

Ans- I shall have finished my lesson by then.

iii)He will be leaving for work before the family wakes up.

Ans- He will have left for work before the family wakes up.

iv)My friends will be coming to our house next month.

Ans- My friends will have come to our house next month.


Suppose on a hot summer afternoon while you were playing with your friends, the weather changed suddenly, and the rains came down and so you were completely drenched. Write a letter to your friend in about 80 words describing your feelings of being drenched.

10/A West Road


15th July,2021

Dear Priya,

            How are you? I’m glad to receive your letter.

            I want to share an amazing experience with you. A couple of days ago me and my friends were playing in the park. Suddenly it started raining and we ran to take shelter under the big peepul tree. But we were completely drenched. The raindrops were showering us and we were laughing in joy. We started to recite,’ Rain Rain go away, come again another day’. Some of us were jumping in the mud puddle. We were running towards home and shouting in joy. It was a memorable experience for me.

            Did you ever drench in rain? Share your experience. Please take care. I am waiting for your reply.

                                                                            Your Best friend



Priya Roy

C/O Neel Roy

23 N.B Avenue


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