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letter to the chairman of insufficiency of streetlight in the town

Write a letter to the chairman of your municipality drawing his attention to the insufficiency of streetlight in the town. Your letter should include the following point.

Points: town looking cheerless after the dark—lights few and far between—sense of insecurity—snatching and theft


The Chairman

The Municipal Corporation Kolkata, India

                 Sub: Appeal for installing of more Street Light in the town


I beg respectfully to bring your kind notice the following fact that our town has insufficient streetlight. As a result, our town looks cheerless after the dark. Very few narrow lanes are enlightened. Even important streets have very few lights and the lights are far between. The lack of light increases the sense of insecurity while walking in night. Old citizens are the main sufferer of this situation, they even avoiding walking at night. As a result of the situation snatching and theft rate has increased in our town than previous years.

I , therefore on the behalf of the residents of the town , appeal to you to take immediate steps to install more street light in the best interest of the public safety.


10th April,2021                                                              Yours faithfully

Bikash Kumar Bose

Rathtala, Kolkata

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letter to the chairman for insufficiency of streetlight in the town


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