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The Happy Prince (Activity 1-3 Solved)


The happy Prince

Activity 1

Rearrange in Correct order

1.All the friends of the Swallow had left for warm Egypt (3)

2.The happy Prince asked the swallow to take the Ruby out of his sword-hilt. (6)

3.The Swallow took shelter beneath the statue of The happy Prince. (4)

4.The woman’s son was suffering from fever. (5)

5.The happy Prince lived in the beautiful palace of San- souci. (1)

6.The town built the statue of The Happy Prince. (2)

Activity 2

Complete the following Sentences with information from the text

(a)The young mother told her child not to cry because the happy prince never cried for new things

(b)The Swallow took shelter beneath the statue of The happy Prince because  he thought it would be a safe place to stay at night.

(c) The swallow mistook  tears of The Happy Prince for rain.

(d)The statue of a Happy Prince could see the poor people and all the ugly things of his land.

Activity 3

Answer the following question

Why does the Swallow think that the statue of the Happy Prince had a “golden Heart”?

Ans-  The statue of the Happy Prince was crying after seeing the suffering and pain of the poor people of his land. So the Swallow thought that The Happy Prince has a “golden heart”.

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The happy Prince Activity 1-3 Solved



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