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Model Activity task 2021(August) Class 9| English |( Part-5) মডেল অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক ২০২১ | আগস্ট নবম শ্রেণী | ইংরাজী| ( পার্ট -৫)

Model Activity task 2021(August)

Class 9| English |( Part-5)

মডেল অ্যাক্টিভিটি টাস্ক ২০২১ | আগস্ট

নবম শ্রেণী | ইংরাজী| ( পার্ট)

The Asian Games of 2022 in Hangzhou will see the return of the game of Chess after the Olympic Council of Asia decided to reinstate the sport in its games programme. Chess was a part of Asian Games 2006 in Doha and 2010 in Guangzhou. India won two gold medals at Doha, with Koneru Humpy winning the gold medal in women’s rapid individual event as well as the mixed team winning the standard event gold. In 2010, the Indian men won a bronze in the standard team event while D. Harika took the bronze in the women’s individual event.

Viswanathan Anand, five time world champion and India’s first Grandmaster, expressed his happiness over the inclusion of Chess in 2022 Asian games. The All India Chess Federation vice-president D.V. Sundar said it was very good news for the game and the players too and gave India chance to win medals. He also expected a team event and individual events to be part of the games.


Activity 1

 Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

i) The Asian Games of 2022 will be held in ____________

a) Doha b) Chennai c) Guangzhou          d) Hangzhou

ii) In the standard team event in 2010, the Indian men won ____________

(a)bronze      b) gold                        c) no medals             d) silver

iii) The vice-president of the All Indian Chess Federation is ____________

a) D.V. Sundar b) Koneru Humpy c) D. Harika   d) Viswanathan Anand

Activity 2

Do as directed:

(i)I wish you to be quiet. (change into a complex sentence)

Answer: I wish that you might be quiet.

II) Opening the gate, the man came in. (change into a compound sentence)

Answer: The man opened the gate and came in.

Iii) I know who said it. (change into a simple sentence)

Answer: I know the speaker.

Activity 3

Write a paragraph within 100 words on the Importance of Tree Plantation.Use the following points:

[introduction- brings rain – prevents soil erosion – decreases air pollution – adds to beauty of nature – conclusion]


Trees are an important part of our ecosystems. They are home to many different species of animals, birds, reptiles and insects. Trees also provide food to man and herbivorous animals. The roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are the tree parts that may be edible. Trees are also valuable for their medicinal properties.

Trees are also important because they give out oxygen and also use up carbon-dioxide in the process of carrying out photosynthesis. Trees brings rain and prevents soil erosions. Trees maintain balance in our ecosystems. By cutting trees we destroy our environment. It is very important to save trees. Planting trees helps in increasing the green cover of the Earth, and improve the environment. 

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